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Nine University Reviews

Taylor Hiott was born in North Carolina in September of 1991 where he lived the first 25 years of his life.

Growing up, he always had an entrepreneurial spirit, foreshadowing the multitude of positive Nine University reviews in his future. Mowing lawns, walking dogs - he even saw his dad open up a car shop when he was a child.

He graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from NC State in 2013, and then immediately went to the corporate world. Right after graduation while starting his job, he married his wife Brooke. He was in inside sales for the first 3 years after college, cold calling, building relationships with clients - but always wanted more.

After his first three years, he was promoted to outside sales and moved to Pittsburgh PA. His responsibilities included selling computers to a massive book of accounts in all of PA and NY.

He met Kale through their church - and from there finally did what he had been wanting to do since he was a small child - build a sustainable business of his own that could support his family. Nine University reviews prove this method really works.

The business grew - in an unprecedented way which lead Taylor and Kale to start several more businesses. Through the Amazon FBA platform, he was able to quit his full-time job in September of 2018 and become his own boss. Nine University reviews the steps others must take to become as successful.

Now his wife, his son and himself all live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Taylor enjoys traveling with his family, public speaking and is currently working on his first book. Perusing Nine University reviews bolsters his sense of pride in the business.

The greatest gift he’s ever gotten was his son and is ecstatic about the opportunities that his son will have growing up due to the Amazon FBA opportunity and what it has done in his life. Nine University reviews past strategies and optimizes them for the future so others may experience the same.

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